martes, 18 de enero de 2011

"Pocket Atlas of Pharmacology"

Edición 4ª
Autor Luellmann, H. Mohr, K. - Hein, L.
ISBN 9783137817048
Año Edición 2010
Páginas 408
Idioma Inglés
Precio 42,00 €uros


Updated with the most important new substances and scientific developments, the fourth edition of The Color Atlas of Pharmacology makes it easier than ever for students, nurses, and practicing physicians to keep up with the latest developments in this constantly changing field. Featuring a user-friendly layout, jargon-free language, and more than 170 spectacular color plates and illustrations, the atlas is divided in to four, color-coded sections:
  • Part 1 - General pharmacology - includes descriptions of substance formulation, absorption, distribution, elimination, and molecular mechanisms of action
  • Part 2 - Systems pharmacology - with special emphasis on the functional and therapeutic aspects of a wide range of medicinal agents
  • Part 3 - Therapy of selected diseases - such as hypertension, acute myocardial infarction, sepsis, and many more. The therapy section has been expanded for this new edition.
  • Part 4 - Drug Index - helpfully listed by substance, generic, and brand names Concise, portable, and packed with information, the fourth edition of The Color Atlas of Pharmacology is the most practical first-stop reference for today's busy healthcare professional.

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